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Optimise your Google My Business Profile

Optimise your Google My Business Profile
GMB is a free tool that lets you manage how your business appears on GoogleSearch and Maps. This includes adding your business name, location, and hours;monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where andhow people are searching for you, and more.

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile
As the Internet continues to grow, it is increasingly important to get your businessonline. One of the vital tools to help grow businesses online presence is Google MyBusiness. When set up, it allows a business to show in their local area with ease,transforming the process that customers now take in finding the information, productor service they require. With Google My Business being a free to use tool, it reallyis important to invest your time into and will help drive your online presence forward.

“But how does it work? And how beneficial is it to my business?”
You may be asking yourself, our guide aims to answer these questions.Optimise your Google My Business Profile

Where Does It Appear?
When searching for a business on Google you may have noticed the map listings profile that pops up when you do a search; that isGoogle My Business. Below the profile image and map pin, the profile displays buttons for taking users directly to the website alongside directions to the business address. As well as this, further details can be included such as opening and closing hours, phone number and email address along with are views section.

What can you do with your Google Business Profile?
Update your profile at any time.
You can download the App which allows editing on the go.

Media section to showcase your service and products
• Gives the option to add multiple engaging photos and videos which can beviewed by users.
• Businesses with photos are more likely to receive requests for driving directions to their location, as well as clicks through to their websites, than businesses that don't have photos.

Reviews section
Gain customer interest and loyalty by encouraging reviews to be written.
Businesses with positive reviews showcased will benefit from a higher click through and conversion rate.

• Regular posts
Businesses have the option to post on the profile page with company updates and news. Share your latest offers through photos, videos or simple text. WHILE POSTING IS OPTIONAL - THE MORE YOU POST THE BETTER YOUR ENGAGEMENT RATES WILL BE.

• Insights
Gain detailed reports and analytics data on what Google Business brings to your business. This allows businesses to track calls, website visits and user events such as finding directions to the location.

With all of this to gain, Google My Business stands as a free to use tool, it has thepotential to drive huge amounts of traffic and interest to businesses and brands whichin turn leads to more conversions, relationships and recognition.Haven’t set up a profile yet? Type Google my business into the search bar and google will take you through the necessary steps

What’s Next?
Once you have an officially verified listing, it’s time to optimise your Google MyBusiness!

Optimise your Google My Business Profile
Before we delve into the tactics, it's essential to ensure we share a common understanding of what constitutes a well-optimised Business Profile and the reasons behind having one. To provide you with a clearer picture of your goals and the rationale, let's examine a comparison between an unfinished Google Business Profile mockup and a fully optimised version.

In this instance, Carl's Google Business Profile is presented in a concise format, while Ernie's Business Profile offers even more content as you scroll further. While this diagram doesn't encompass all the elements of a fully optimised Google Business Profile, it does provide a glimpse into the enhanced attractiveness and engagement that an optimised profile can offer.

Click the image to Zoom

The importance of optimising your Google Business Profile
As demonstrated in the comparison above, it's evident that optimising your Business Profile on Google can significantly influence consumers' choices in favour of your business over competitors. However, there are additional advantages to optimising your Business Profile for effective local marketing.

Enhance customer engagement
In today’s digital landscape, an increasing number of consumers reply on Google’s search results pages as their primary source of information. This trend, often referred to as the “zero-click searches,” means that consumers ae finding all the answers they need without visiting external websites. Consequently, it’s crucial to optimise your Google My Business Profile for high-quality engagement and conversion opportunities since it may be the primary point of interaction between consumers and your business.

Elevate your local search ranking
Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles takes into account various factors beyond proximity and relevance, including the activity and quality of information.
By optimising your Google Business Profile you send positive signals to Google, which can result in higher placement in local search results.
As you’re aware, a higher ranking equates to increased visibility and engagement with your business.
Optimising your Business Profile can help your business to rank higher on GoogleMaps and on the first page of Google Search results like these.

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