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We are here to inspire, grow and build strong foundations for your council, BID, shopping centre, Housing Association, charity, business and future. Providing business programmes, place marketing and consulting to take you to the next level. We excel in managing multiple projects with strong detail, problem-solving, and follow-through capabilities.

Come in and meet the Team!

Sara Carter is a seasoned Business Strategy Coach and Marketing Specialist with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. Her extensive background encompasses working on significant EU Projects, notably Innovate2Succeed and UK Edge– the government's premier business programme aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the business community. Throughout her career, Sara has engaged with a diverse range of businesses and organisations across the public, private, and third sectors, demonstrating her ability to navigate and thrive in varied business environments.

Sara's academic achievements lay a solid foundation for her expertise. She graduated with a BA Hons from the University of Nottingham, furthered her research acumen with a Postgraduate Certificate from Nottingham Trent University, and topped her academic pursuits with an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University. These qualifications not only highlight her dedication to lifelong learning but also her deep understanding of business dynamics and strategic marketing. Sara is also a Chartered Manager.

At the core of her professional ethos, Sara is deeply committed to a hands-on approach. She personally oversees the day-to-day operations of her company, directly coaches businesses on a one-to-one basis, designs and delivers impactful business programmes, and manages a comprehensive consultancy service. Her reputation as a trusted advisor is built on a keen understanding of her clients' unique needs and aspirations, coupled with her unwavering dedication to establishing and nurturing lasting relationships with them.

Sara Carter's vision for business transcends conventional success metrics, focusing instead on creating a meaningful impact. Under her guidance, her consultancy serves as a beacon for businesses seeking not only to succeed but to do so in a way that is socially responsible, equitable, and sustainable. Sara's leadership exemplifies the epitome of strategic insight blended with a genuine commitment to making a difference in the world through business excellence.

Recent certifications: Google Analytics, Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification, Hubspot Social Media Certification, Hubspot Social Selling.

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Candi has been working with SME’s for over 10 years. She knows all too well about the ever-changing world of marketing, business training and is an advocate of self-development. She is excited to be working with the expertise, experience, and knowledge of Sara Carter Training, who are passionate about empowering and equipping others on their business journey.


Trish is our fantastic Programmes Director, keeping the business running smoothly and our staff and clients happy! Organisation, project management and exceptional client service is her forte! Trish has 10 years of experience in programme management, marketing, copywriting, design, analytics and event management. With a varied background of experiences, including a Fine Art degree, Trish utilises her additional artistic knowledge wherever possible. She prides herself on her ability to build long-lasting relationships, and loves to problem-solve and establish effective and efficient processes.


Ian has been leading technology teams in the very largest corporations around multiple countries for the last 15 years. He brings a wealth of experience in current and emergent technologies that can scale for all sizes of business. Ian is able to plan and manage projects aligning business goals with solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains. Ian serves as our Non Executive Director.


Lynsey is a visual merchandiser, events and brand specialist. Whether you need training on visual merchandising, want a company to organise a standout event or need a more cohesive brand, Lynsey will help you attract more of your ideal customers and drive footfall.


Olivia consults on a number of projects. As well as possessing first class content  and digital marketing skills she has a passion for understanding the impact of digital engagement through metric and analytics


Miriam is our newest member of our team but has the  highly honed skills of a digital ninja. Experienced in Instagram, Facebook and TikTok as well as many other platforms, she always stays up to date with the latest methods in customer engagement. Clients love her creativity and her knowledge of analytics and data.


GIS (Geographic Information Science) is the science of spatial data management, manipulation, acquisition, and extrapolation. By utilising Steven’s expertise in GIS and spatial data management, we are able to provide assistance in producing relevant, informative and highly accurate content for projects through map creation using GIS systems..

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