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Place Marketing

We assist clients in enhancing their project's value by forging meaningful connections. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of services, including place-shaping strategies, revitalising BIDs, place marketing, event management, brand development, social media orchestration, place visioning, website solutions, and beyond. Our services and experience cover:

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Brand Positioning

Audit place assets, activities, and events: By conducting a comprehensive audit we provide a thorough understanding of the business environment. We assess how these elements align with the brand's identity, allowing us to leverage existing resources for effective brand positioning.

Identifying key messages for storytelling: We identify key messages that resonate with the target audience. Crafting compelling stories around the brand helps establish a unique and relatable narrative, reinforcing its position in the market.

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Digital Audit

Review digital brand presence: A meticulous review of the digital landscape allows us to evaluate the brand's online presence. We analyse websites, social media platforms, and other digital channels to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Provide findings and recommendations:
Based on the digital audit, we present actionable findings and strategic recommendations. This includes optimising online assets, improving user experience, and leveraging digital platforms for enhanced brand visibility.

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Audience Profilings

Create customer and catchment area profiles: Developing detailed customer and catchment area profiles is fundamental to understanding the target demographic. We go beyond demographics, delving into psychographics to create nuanced profiles that inform personalised marketing strategies.

Support effective marketing strategies: Armed with insights from audience profiling, we tailor marketing strategies to resonate with specific customer segments. This approach ensures that promotional efforts are targeted, maximising return on investment.

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Destination Marketing

Increase digital and physical footfall: Strategic destination marketing aims to enhance both digital and physical footfall. Leveraging a mix of online and offline channels, we drive traffic to the destination, creating a vibrant ecosystem that supports business growth.

Attract visitors and support location vitality through strategic campaigns: Our campaigns are designed not only to attract visitors but also to contribute to the overall vitality of the location. By strategically positioning the brand within the community, we foster a positive impact on the local economy and enhance the destination's appeal.

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Content Strategy

Develop social media, website, email, and newsletter content strategy: Crafting a comprehensive content strategy involves aligning social media, website, email, and newsletter content with the established brand positioning and key messages. This ensures a consistent and engaging brand presence across diverse channels.

Aligned with brand positioning and key messages:
Every piece of content produced is strategically aligned with the brand's positioning and key messages, reinforcing a unified brand identity and enhancing resonance with the target audience.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Build toolkits and press releases: We develop comprehensive toolkits and press releases that empower stakeholders to effectively communicate the brand's messages. This ensures consistent messaging across various touchpoint, fostering a unified brand image.

Amplify marketing messages and increase engagement:
Through strategic stakeholder engagement, we amplify marketing messages, increasing reach and engagement. Collaborative efforts with stakeholders enhance brand credibility and contribute to a vibrant brand ecosystem.

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Marketing Campaigns

Develop and deliver various marketing campaigns: Our expertise lies in conceptualising and executing diverse marketing campaigns. From launching brand identity to local campaigns, event invitations, and more, each campaign is tailored to achieve specific objectives, fostering brand awareness and engagement.

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Key Messages

Identify core marketing messages for High Street: We pinpoint core messages that highlight the brand's unique value proposition for High Street consumers. These messages serve as the foundation for all marketing communications, creating a cohesive and impactful brand narrative.

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