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Developing Your Audiences’ Business  Abilities & Knowledge

We are one of the UK's leading organisations offering high quality business training for public sector, private organisations and charities through a variety of formats on a wide range of business subjects – including start-up, enterprise, scale-up, marketing, financial planning, business planning and strategy.

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We specialise in developing and delivering comprehensive business training programs tailored for local councils, commercial landlords and housing authorities. Our portfolio features an array of meticulously crafted training courses, encompassing a wide spectrum of subjects. Notable examples of our work include courses tailored for high street businesses, specialised marketing strategies for nighttime economy enterprises, empowering programs for women in business and programmes aimed at those running food businesses. Beyond these, we extend our expertise to collaborate with diverse organisations, including charities, delivering impactful training that drives growth and excellence.

In addition to our comprehensive offerings, we provide an end-to-end solution, including recruitment and promotional services geared towards participant acquisition and course administration. Our proudest accolade is the outstanding feedback that we receive from course participants. The most common points that come up are our innovative training subjects and the depth of knowledge that we provide to help our students run their businesses more successfully.

Why Us?

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More than 5 years offering clients high quality specialist training on a wide range of topics across many areas. Solid experience of working with councils, business enterprise centres, on ERDF programmes and with regeneration companies.

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Network of 40 trainers who are all subject matter experts with current business experience, working hand in hand with you to deliver the right course for your audience or workforce.

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The ability to design and develop a diverse range of courses and programmes to fulfil your particular training needs plus dated open courses on skill areas.

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We consult with you to ask the relevant questions to understand what your company or organisation needs for training purposes.

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A background of specialising in areas including start up, scale up, enterprise, marketing and finance.

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